The Life and Times of Kicki Berg

If finding sufficient online information about Kicki Berg's personal life has challenged you as a writer, then be encouraged. There is a bit of known information that may help to provide clues to better enable a more comprehensive, factual article to form shape for the future. To this end, the research information gained for this short snippet attempt is here to enlighten anyone who reads.

Kicki Berg is a Scandinavian celebrity in her own rite. A Google search refers to her as the "Lady Gaga" of Scandinavia. As an MTV Europe VJ, her music video interviews are viewable on YouTube. She has interviewed celebrities such as Mariah Carey in the 1998 MTV Europe music awards. As a host of the Scandinavian show "So You Think You Can Dance" on former MTV Europe and Nordic, Berg is noted in reference in Wikipedia articles such as MTV Nordic.

Plaxo, a website known as an address book for life, is linked to Kicki Berg with a profile under the name of "Kicki Johansson Berg." Here she is listed as married and working for Logiva, a company in Sweden. Her interests include golf and working out at the gym. Ultimately, this online profile and what bit of information that has availed itself in research is sure to act a springboard for future interesting articles.